Why we are the best choice...


Cost saving
We can assist your company with product penetration and brand positioning in the Vietnam market through our experience and networking capabilities. This would deliver significant cost savings in human resource, equipment, capital and operational expenses.

Time saving
With over years operating in the Vietnam market, we understand the importance of market trends within the local region. Together with experience and qualified employees we are in a position to establish an impact for your brands in the market place.

Safe investment
Business ethics and integrity are the pillars of our success. For every specific class of products, we always commit to present only one brand either with or without official agreement. Through us, your investment in your brand will guarantee the full return to your own company.

Consistent positioning
With diversified backgrounds, our team members are capable of implementing a professional marketing strategy to build your brand in line with your company’s global strategy.


Consistency of supply
As a business partner we endeavour to ensure due diligent is taken in the quality and quantity of the supply chain in order to meet your needs and expectations.

Information sharing
Win-win strategy is always applied at our organization. We consider our clients as our true business partners. We understand consistent communication of relevant information and market trend updates is paramount to our client’s success to aid in key decision making strategies.

Quick response
Any of your query will be given a specific time of response rather than an attitude of “wait and see”

Professional manners
Our motto of Quality over Quantity ensures we approach our clients with the products that meet their requirements. All issues are handled through our company’s dispute resolution process whereby our chain of command and contact points can be provided.
1. Trade Representative:
Nam Giao Co., Ltd is one of the leading agencies in the chemical field specialising in microbiological media, laboratory, and industrial including chemicals used for paint, printing ink, rubber and electronics.
2. Import and Distribution:
Nam Giao Co., Ltd specializes in importing and distributing chemical especially raw materials for paint, printing ink, and electronic industry.
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