Our biotechnology product category is divided into different sub-group of products including Dehydrated Culture Media, Peptones and Extracts, Agar-Agar, Carbohydrates and Glucosides, Supplements and Additives, Agaroses, Precast Gels, Buffers.
A1 Medium
Acetamide Agar
Acetamide Broth
Acetate Differential Agar
Aeromonas Agar Base
Alkaline Peptone Water
Amies Transport Medium
Amino Acid Mix
Anaerobic Agar
Antibiotic Medium
Asparagine Broth
Azide Blood Agar Base
Azide Dextrose Broth
Bacillus Cereus Selective Agar Base
Baird Parker Agar Base
B C P Agar
B C P Glucose Agar
Biggy Agar
Bile Esculin Agar
Bile Esculin Azide Broth
Bile Esculin Azide Agar
Bismuth Sulfite Agar
Blood Agar Base
Blood Agar Base + Nalidixic Acid
Blood Free Campylobacter Agar Base
Bordet Gengou Agar Base
BPRM Broth Base
Brain Heart Infusion Agar
Brain Heart Infusion Broth
Brilliant Green
Brucella Agar
Brucella Broth
Brucella Medium Base
Bryant & Burkey Broth Base
Buffered Peptone Water
Buffered Saline Peptone Water
Burkholderia Cepacia Agar Base
Calcium Caseinate Agar
Campylobacter Agar Base
Candida Chromogenic Agar
Cary Blair Medium
Cetrimide Agar Base
Chapman Stone Agar
Chloramphenicol Agar
Cled Agar
Clostridium Difficile Agar Base
Clostridium Perfringes Agar Base
Columbia Agar Base
Comlubia Broth
Columbia CNA Agar
Corn Meal Agar
Cystine Tryptic Agar
Czapex-Dox Agar Modified
Czapex-Dox Broth Modified
D.C.L.S Agar
Desoxycholate Agar
Desoxycholate Citrate Agar
Desoxycholate Lactose Agar
Dextrose Agar
Dextrose Broth
Dichloran Glycerol Agar (Dg 18)
Differential Reinforced Clostridial Broth
D-Nase Test Agar
E.Coli Chromogenic Agar
EC Medium
EE Broth
Elliker Medium
Endo Agar Base
Endo Les Agar Base
Enterobacter Sakazakii Isolation Chromogenic Agar
Enterococcus Confirmatory Agar
Eosin Methylene Blue Agar
E.S.T.Y Broth
E.S.T.Y Medium
Eugon Agar
Ethyl Violet Azide Broth Broth
Ewing Malonate Broth Modified
Fecal Coliforms Agar Base
Fecal Coliforms Broth Base
FMM Broth
G C Agar Base
Gelatin Lactose Medium
Gelatin Peptone
Giolitti-Cantoni Broth
Glucose Chloramphenicol Agar
Glucose Chloramphenicol Broth
G N Enrichment Broth
Grace's Medium Supplement
Heart Infusion Broth
Hektoen Enteric Agar
Indole Nitrate Medium
Induction Base Medium
Irgasan Ticarchillin & Potassium Chlorate
Iron Agar
K.A.A. Confirmatory Agar
K.A.A. Presumptive Broth
KF Streptococcal Agar
KF Streptococcal Broth
King A Medium
King B Medium
King F.G. Agar
Kligler Iron Agar
Koser Citrate Broth
Lactose Agar W Bromothymol Blue &
      Crystal Violet
Lactose Broth
Lactose Sulfite Broth Base
Lauryl Sulfate Agar
Lauryl Sulfate Broth
Lauryl Sulfate Tryptose Broth Modified
LB Agar (Lennox)
LB Broth (Lennox)
Legionella Cye Agar Base
Letheen Agar Modified
Letheen Broth Modified
Levine Eosin Methylene Blue Agar
Listeria Agar Base
Listeria Chromogenic Agar Base
Listeria Enrichment Broth Base
Listeria Fraser Broth Base
Listeria Half Fraser Broth Base
Liver Agar
Liver Broth
Lowenstein Jensen Medium Base
LPT Dilution Broth
Luria Agar
Luria Broth
Lysine Decarboxylase Broth
Lysine Iron Agar
M17 Agar
MacConkey Agar
MacConkey Broth
Malt Extract Agar
Malt Extract Broth
Mannitol Nitrate Motility Medium
Mannitol Salt Agar
Mannitol Tryptophan Lauryl Sulfate Broth
Marine Agar
Marine Broth
mEL Agar Base Chromogenic
Minerals Modified Glutamate Broth
Mio Medium
Modified Rappaport Soy Vassiliadis
Moeller KCN Broth Base
Mossel EE Broth
MRSA Agar Chromogenic
M R S Agar
M R S Broth
M R V P Medium
Mueller Hinton Agar
Mueller Hinton Broth
Muller Kauffmann Broth Base W Brilliant
       Green & Novobiocine
Mycobiotic Agar
NBB Agar Base
NBB Broth Base
Neutralizing Agar
Nitrate Motility Base Medium
Nutrient Agar
Nutrient Broth
Nutrient Gelatin
OF Basal Medium
Orange Serum Agar
Osmophilic Agar
Oxacillin Agar Base
Oxytetracycline Agar Base
Palcam Listeria Agar Base
Peptone Water
Peptone Water With Lactose
Phenol Red Broth Base
Phenol Red Dextrose Agar
Phenol Red Dextrose Broth
Phenol Red Saline Lactose Broth
Phenol Red Sucrose Broth
Phenylalanine Agar
Potato Dextrose Agar
Potato Dextrose Broth
PPLO Agar Base W/O Crystal Violet
PPLO Broth Base W/O Crystal Violet
Pseudomonas Agar Base
Raka-Ray Agar Base
Rappaport Soy Broth
R2A Agar
Reinforced Clostridial Agar
Reinforced Clostridal Medium
RM Base Agar Medium
RM Base Medium
Rogosa SL Agar
Rogosa SL Broth
Rose Bengal Agar + Chloramphenicol
Rose Bengal Agar+Dichloran+Chloramphenicol
Rothe Broth
Sabouraud Dextrose Agar
Sabouraud Dextrose Broth
Sabouraud Fluid Medium
Sabouraud Maltose Agar
Sabouraud Maltose Broth
Saline Peptone Water
Salmonella Chromogenic Agar
Salmonella Shigella Agar
San Francisco Medium
SBF Broth
Schaedler Agar
Schaedler Broth
Selenite Cystine Broth
Sellers Agar
Sim Medium
Simmons Citrate Agar
Slanetz and Bartley Medium
sLB Agar
sLB Broth
Sob Medium
Sodium Selenite Broth
S.P.S Agar
Standard Methods Agar
Staphylococcus Agar N0 110
Streptococcus Selective Agar
Streptococcus Selective Broth
Stuart Transport Medium
Syncase Broth
TBX Chromogenic Agar
Tetrathionate Broth Base
Terrific Broth
Thioglycollate Broth
Thioglycollate Fluid Medium
Thioglycollate Medium Without Indicator
Thioglycollate USP Medium
Todd Hewitt Broth
Triple Sugar Iron Agar
Tryptose Phosphate Broth
Trypticasein Dextrose Medium
Trypticasein Glucose Extract Agar
Trypticasein Soy Agar
Trypticasein Soy Broth
Tryptone Bile Salts Agar
Tryptone Soy Agar
Tryptone Soy Yeast Extract Agar
Tryptone Soy Yeast Extract Broth
Tryptophan Culture Broth
Tryptose Agar
Tryptose Broth
Tryptose Sulfite Broth
TSA No.2 Modified
TSN Agar
T.S.C. Agar Base
TTC Chapman Agar
Universal Beer Agar
Urea Agar Base
Urea Broth
Urea Indol Broth
Urinary Tract Infections Chromogenic
UVM-I Listeria Selective Enrichment Broth
UVM-II Listeria Selective Enrichment Broth
Vancomycin Screen Agar
Vegetable Peptone Broth
Violet Red Bile Agar
Vogel Johnson Agar
Wilkins Chalgren Medium
WL Differential Agar
WL Nutrient Agar
Wort Agar
Wort Broth
XLD Agar
XLT4 Agar Base
2xYT Medium
Yeast Extract Agar
Yeast Extract Soy Agar
Yeast Extract Soy Broth
Yeast Mold Agar
Yeast Nitrogen Base W/O Added Amino Acids & W/O Ammonium Sulfate
Yersinia Selective Agar Base
YP Agar Base Medium
YP Base Medium
YPD Agar
YPD Broth
Acid Casein Peptone (H)
Bacteriological Oxbile
Bacteriological Peptone
Beef Extract
Bile Salts No.3
Casein C.C. Peptone
Casein Peptone
Lactalbumin Hydrolysate
Liver Peptone
Maltose Certificate
Malt Extract
Meat Peptone
Peptonized Milk
Pork Brain Heart Infusion
Pork Heart Infusion
Pork Meat Peptone
Proteose No.3 Peptone
Proteose Peptone
Soy Peptone
Yeast Extract
Yeast Extract Estandard
Yeast Extract Micro-Granulated
Yeast Peptone HP
American Bacteriological Agar
Bacteriological Flare Agar
European Bacteriological Agar
Industrial Agar
High Strength Bacteriological Agar
Pharmaceutical Agar
Purified Agar
V Agar
Vitro Agar
Maltose Certified
Ampicillin Supplement
Bacillus Cereus Supplement
Bordetella Supplement
Brucella Supplement
Burkholderia Cepacia
Cefoxitin-MRSA Supplement
C.I.N Supplement
Clostridium Difficile Supplement
Clostridium Perfringens Supplement
CCDA Supplement
CNA (Staph-Strep) Supplement
Egg Yolk Emulsion
Fecal Coliforms Supplement
Ferric Ammonium Citrate Supplement
Fraser Listeria Selective Supplement
I.T.C Supplement
Kova'cs Reagent
LCAT Supplement
Legionella Cye Growth Supplement
Legionella GVPC Supplement
Listeria Chromogenic Selective Supplement
Listeria Lipase C Supplement
OGA Supplement
Oxford Listeria Selective Supplement
Palcam Listeria Selective Supplement Polyenrichment Supplement
Potassium Tellurite 3,5 %
Preston Campylobacter Supplement
RPF Supplement
Tellurite Egg Yolk Emulsion
TTC 1% Supplement
V.C.A.T. Supplement
V.C.N. Supplement
V.C.N.T. Supplement
Yersinia Selective Supplement
Agarose D1
Agarose D2
Agarose D5
Agarose F.P.DNA
Agarose LM
Agarose S.L.M.-2
Agarose E.L.M.
Agarose M.S.
Novagel GQT Agarose

D-1 Prona Gel
MS-8 Prona Gel
Buffer TBE
Buffer TAE
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